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Looking For A Project Cargo Partner?

Complete your next Project ahead of schedule. (Responsive 24/7)

How We Make Project Cargo Easier

No Project is Too Big

Transport heavy/oversized materials to any accessible area of the world/ remote destination.

With You Every Step of the Way

Real time project GPS tracking from onsite representatives. While meeting all deadlines prior to exemption. We provide accurate timelines and full transparency from start to finish so you can see each stage of your project. Making Brinson Logistics and Freight a part of your extended team for no communications barriers.

Established Connections

Leverage our existing relationships with local and global transport authorities, packing experts, suppliers, and surveyors.

An Expert Approach

Work hands on with your extended staff and dedicated project manager with over 10 years of experience with the ability to keep cost and transit times down while in accordance with the highest level of safety standards.

How it Works

Step 1: Project Intel

Fill out our project description form with a few details about the project your organization is planning. Once we have your request our project coordinator will reach out to you directly to assure we understand objectives, budget and timeline.

Step 2: Provider Analysis

Based on the scoop of the project, timeline and budget, our coordination team will research the most appropriate transportation options from initial loading to final destination. We will contact our network of packers, steamship lines, engineers, surveyors and out of gauge freight haulers to assemble an all inclusive quote and laid out plan guaranteed to satisfy your requirements ahead of schedule and on-budget.

Step 3: Finalize Quote and Proceed

Analyze your no-obligation quote internally. If Brinson Logistics and Freight is the right project partner for you, simply give us the green-light and we will start mobilizing the necessary components based on your preferred timeline. Most Popular Service

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