Agro-chemical & Agricultural Shipping

On demanding pricing and capacity for the agriculture supply chain.

Responsive 24/7.

Brinson Logistics and Freight is an innovator in the Agricultural Industry logistics.

The world is aware of the effect that the agriculture industry plays on the world; which is why this industry can go with any delay or interruptions because of its importance.

Brinson Logistics and Freight has the experience and commitment to effectively exceed expectations for each agricultural transportation need.

We specialize in the safety and responsibility of each agricultural shipping need including agro-chemicals, liquid bulk, dry-bulk and more.

How We Make Truckload/LTL Shipping Easier

Save Time

Use one phone call to access a carrier network of over 25,000 available trucks.

Lower Risk

We are licensed, bonded and over-insured for you and your customers protection.


Last minute changes, rescheduling are just an email away.

24/7 Response

Our dispatch team works 24/7 monitoring freight so you can sleep well knowing everything is taken care of.

The Agro-chemical industry relies on Brinson Logistics and Freight to be innovative in their supply chain solution

Experience With Your Products

We ship over 10,000 Truckloads every year. From fertilizers, to chemicals, retail goods, building materials and more. If you need to move it, chances are we have shipped it before.

Personalized Service

Brinson Logistics is privately owned, not run by executives or shareholders which means one thing for you…flexibility. Make last minute changes to your orders with ease with our streamlined freight management process.

Risk Mitigation

Liability is increasing as the shipping landscape continues to evolve. As an extension of your business we don’t take that lightly. That’s why we carry liability insurance up to $5,000,000 with custom plans available for high value liquid bulk chemicals.

Emergency On-Demand Coverage

Access coverage any day, at any hour 24/7 with our full time emergency response team. Never drop a last minute shipment again.

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How it Works

Step 1: Discovery

Enter your email on this page to access our QuickquoteTM form. Once we get the info about your shipment. A Brinson Logistics and Freight industry representative will reach out with a quote for your load in minutes.

Step 2: Carrier Screening

Based on your criteria, timelines and budget, our agricultural management team will research the best equipped carrier to meet your requirements according to your requirements.

Step 3: Book and Deliver

Quotes are provided and executed upon approval. Our goal is to make logistics an easy part of your day. When your shipment is ready we will coordinate everything from start to finish updating you along every key milestone from pickup to delivery.

Take Control with Brinson Logistics and Freight As an Agricultural Chain Partner

The agricultural industry is in high demand and constantly under pressure with uncontrollable uncertainties like weather and seasonal demand. Remember that having power in your supply chain is by having visibility over your current supply chain solution. Your organization can provide that solution and visibility by upgrading your providers to one that is responsive, transparent and importantly flexible to your daily needs. Hazmat, Tanker endorsements, Food-grade, Temperature control and unique equipment specs are no challenge for us. We value relationships with top notch carriers who share the same strict safety standards that we do. We only put your product in the safest equipment to protect you and your business from every angle.

Let’s Talk about your Agricultural Transportation Needs
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Safety and Compliance Liquid Bulk

Liquid bulk is one of the most complex modes in transportation. Between constantly changing regulations governing the transportation of Hazmat, strict insurance requirements for chemicals classified as dangerous goods, and the special loading and unloading requirements that change from shipper to shipper. It’s crucial to have experienced liquid bulk freight brokers in your corner to help guide you through any hurdles your shipment might face.

Brinson Logistics and Freight liquid bulk freight brokers take compliance off your hands. Let us worry about the changing regulatory landscape while you can focus on customer service and giving more value to grow your company.

All of our carriers are constantly screened with our state-of-the-art transportation management systems that take direct updates straight from the FMCSA database. Hazmat safety plans, insurance requirements, out of service statistics and more metrics are checked and verified before a truck gets the chance to pull into your shipping location.

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